The aim of the Creative Computer Lab is to engage young people in the activity of creating computer programs. Our youth are fascinated by computers. They quickly learn how to use the computer to play games, watch videos, social networking, etc. However, they do not know how this software has been created, nor do they realize that they could create their own computer programs. Animation and gaming projects are taught in a fun and entertaining atmosphere which will reveal the computer's potential as an instrument of creativity.

Connect the Wii to Scratch!!

2011 and 2012 National Scratch Competetion winners.

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The Scratch Programming Language

Scratch is a colorful and fun computer programming language developed at MIT especially for kids. Coding in Scratch is much easier than in traditional programming languages: to create a script you simply snap together graphical blocks. To learn more about Scratch click here.


The Courses

The courses run one hour per week for 10 weeks . There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to suit all abilities.

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An introduction to the Scratch programming environment is given. The kids will have fun immediately as they create moving animations and stories. This is followed by series of easy and fun lessons to teach the building blocks of computer programming. The kids are encouraged to apply their skills to create their own projects with the instructor circulating around the lab to give individual help. An atmosphere of collaboration is created by sharing ideas and helping each other. At the end of the 10 weeks the students will receive a certificate from the Irish Computer Society and will possess the skills necessary to create their own games/animations and share them online.

Intermediate / advanced:

These are for students who have completed the beginner course and would like to keep programming and continue to collaborate with their friends. Emphasis is placed creating original projects. More exciting and complex concepts are introduced. The students are encouraged to let their imaginations run, while the instructor provides expert lessons on how to achieve the desired project goals.